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    SANGONG® WT-802Dustless pigment Return

    SANGONG® WT-802Dustless pigment the raw nanometer rutile titanium dioxide is specially prepared to make the rough surface microporous structure with a particle diameter of about 1 millimeters, and the content of the spherical dust free pigment and titanium dioxide can reach more than 90%. It can be molded, blown and extruded, and is suitable for common plastic dyeing in the market.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to process, the dispersion of the pigment is very high, the particles can be evenly and fully dispersed, without the need to process the color mother, direct injection dyeing.

    • The pigment is a fine particle with a particle size of about 1 millimeters. It can hardly produce dust during injection and dyeing. It has little effect on the health of the environment.

    • Compared with the powder pigment, the pigment can be measured accurately, and the product can achieve the perfect automatic weighing and continuous production.

    • Small size, more easy to store, transport and processing are more economical.

    SANGONG® WT-802Dustless pigment is recommended for the following application:

    • Coloring with color color

    • Production of backlight materials

    • Replace the white mother

    • Save the extraction process

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